Nicola offers a range of wellness services including one-on-one private counselling sessions and art therapy, available either in person or online. Similarly, she can provide a supportive space for groups, large or small, as they work with a collective focus towards their desired outcome. Above all, she is a highly experienced therapist and relational facilitator. Nicola understands the therapeutic powers of art therapy, which can be successfully utilised in team building, professional development and self-care environments.


Nicola specialises in creating a positive culture for all manner of groups – whether it be work teams, community groups or specialised gatherings such as clinicians in the supervision context. She provides a range of creative, customised workshops to improve the leadership, wellness and quality of communication in the group. Through dynamic interactive group processes she mindfully fosters sustained change. She supports group members to move from varying states of stress and disengagement to becoming strongly connected, more aware group members.


Creativity is a key element in harnessing the wisdom of your body and accessing new ideas and innovation. All of your body engages as you interact with and communicate with symbols and visual mediums. You will feel what resonates with you as you interact with the materials as we find ways to soothe and regulate your nervous system.

You will connect to nature, your nature and the natural community present.

This is what Sensorimotor Art Therapy is about; a whole brain clinical approach which enables you to embody your way of working with instant feedback and find new solutions to better meet your personal and group needs.

 You do not need to have any art experience and the good thing is that it is absolutely impossible to ‘get it wrong’ because it is an expression of you.