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Art Therapy is about engaging with the materials available and communicating visually; a whole brain psychotherapy for when words are not enough.

It can assist with numerous issues including stress, anxiety, trauma and depression and will increase self-awareness and help in expression of feelings.

With over sixty years of research and development, Art Therapy can now be found within several different practice settings such as hospitals, health clinics, public and community agencies, wellness centres, educational institutions, businesses, and psychotherapy private practices. It is also utilised as a form of professional development, team building and self-care in business environments.

Nicola’s focus is on Sensorimotor (Somatic) Art Therapy. This means tapping into the wisdom of the body as you create with visual and sensory art tools, to initiate a process of self-awareness, transformation and healing.

She uses a huge variety of art-making materials to express your state of being –  using different colours, shapes, patterns and textures. You are not required to have any art skill or experience and it can never be done the wrong way as Art Therapy is an expression of you.

“Art therapy is not so much about understanding and interpreting pictures as it is about the process of creating them. Healing happens through the act of symbolic expression”.

Cornelia Elbrecht

“Expressive art therapy integrates all of the arts in a safe, non-judgmental setting to facilitate personal growth and healing.

Natalie Rogers

Wellness Counselling

One-to-one private counselling sessions are available either in person or online with Nicola.

She supports you in better understanding and identifying the physical, mental and emotional areas of your life that may need attention.

The healing power of being truly seen and heard in any particular moment of time is the key to any effective therapeutic practice. The alliance that comes via bearing witness, deep listening and being in relationship with you, is the ‘safe nest’ that allows for well-being. Nicola aspires to do this with you in every moment – to be curious, open and deeply present to you.


so·​mat·​ic | sō-ˈma-tik

of, relating to, or affecting the body ‘
‘… in a study by the National Institutes of Health, 42.7% of frontline nurses who worked during the pandemic reported somatic symptoms, or physical manifestations, of stress.’  Madalyn Amato, Los Angeles Times, 15 July 2021

Tailor-made Workshops

Holding a supportive space for groups of people who gather together with a shared purpose is a particular passion for Nicola. She provides presence and a gentle place to land as she works alongside individuals with a collective focus. Collaboratively she set intentions for desired outcomes where robust and respectful relationships can flourish. This can be in person or online and can be from small groups to large conferences. 

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"I deeply honour the First Australians and their ancestors as I live, work, play and rest on their country."
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